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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  July 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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president of the united states. >> right now at 5, history at the dnc. hillary clinton becoming the first woman to accept a major party nomination. a closer look at her speech. >> a man heading to court accused of stalking and attacking a woman the surveillance video shows the moments before the attack and what officers found inside the car. >> and look at this. an escaped inmate still shackled tries to steal two one woman. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser we appreciate your being here on this friday july 29th. you will dodge some rain drops but much needed rain. >> not a drought butter but we
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get. light rain for the most part up and down 93. medford through the city of boston. you will need the wipers on. hall into weymouth and quincy and norwood and needham light rain right now. heavier downpours embedded in here either side of tewksbury across 93 and north redding to middleton and heavier rain through southwest new hampshire. peterboro is pouring and temple as well and all this is crossing 93, north of concord now and back through barnstead you are next for the torrential rain coming in. 70s out the door right now. it's warm and soupy. you feel the tropical air mass. that's helping to cause the rain to develop. a lot of it will be pushing through and then tapering off as we head into early afternoon. so there may be some emed abouted -- embedded downpours lunchtime comes around leftover showers.
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north or west of boston heading into the evening. anticipate temperatures in the 70s through the day today. and they will be sticky and greatest chance of a shower or thunderstorm later on today will be north and west of boston. we will talk about the weekend coming up. want to get you on the road with track and weather together chris. >> okay thanks very much. let's look live at the mass pike this morning. the sun is not up. traffic is still moving along pretty well as you make your the spike is -- pike is in the downtown stretch. just a things down. hillary clinton making history at the dnc. >> so my friends, it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> it was celebration in philidelphia as you can see clinton's goal of moving back to the white house got the
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accepted her party's nomination. clinton made her case why she should be the next president. >> and she did it while taking aim at her republican competitor. liam martin has it all from philadelphia. >> reporter: an extraordinary moment in american history. >> every memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for phrase for her mother on the brink of breaking down a barrier. >> our next president hillary clinton. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: hillary clinton now the first woman to accept the nomination for president from a major party. >> bernie your campaign inspired millions of americans.
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who threw their hearts and souls in to our primary. >> reporter: the democratic nominee delivering the speech of a lifetime and making the case for herself. >> we will not build a wall. instead, we will build an economy whereveryone who wants a good job can get one. >> when there are no ceilings the sky is we are dealing with determined enemies that must be defeated. so it's no wonder that people are anxious and looking for reassurance, looking for steady leadership. imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet
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nuclear weapons. build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country and when we do america will be greater than ever. thank you and may god bless you and the united states of america. >> reporter: and now the general election is officially underway. hillary clinton and tim kaine will hit the campaign trail in philadelphia. 101 days until democratic national convention liam martin wbz this morning. donald trump says a lot of lies are being told about him at the democratic national convngs this is what he said about the speech he said hillary clinton's speech was an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric. she spent the evening talking down to the american people she looks down on her life. aid speech delivered from a fantasy universe not the reality we live in today. earlier yesterday, trump tried
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clarify his controversial comments saying was being sarcastic when he suggested russia hack into computers to find hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton is now set and voters will have their say on election day on november 8th. breaking overnight, two police officers shot in san diego california. no word on the officers' conditions yet. right now one suspect is in custody but police are still searching for others stay inside. also breaking four people taken to the hospital after this crash in revere. at least 2 vehicles collided on a american legion highway last night. the victims suffered serious injuries. police are trying to figure out what caused the crash. and a alarming assault in winthrop. police say surveillance video shows the suspects talking -- stalking a woman moments before he attacked her and this morning that man is heading to
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thelatest on this. nicole. >> reporter: kathryn, police are calling the suspect a predator and they don't believe this is his first time trying something like this. liquor store surveillance video captures the vehicle traveling down revere street in lynn a woman in her 20s walking alone approached. >> the gentleman in the honda civic said you want to go for aride beautiful and said no and walked around the car. >> reporter: she continued walking to a by store. the manifold. >> and unbeknownst to her he was waiting for her to come down the street and followed her a short distance and got out of the car. >> reporter: edemanded she get in the -- he demanded she get in the car while his 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat. the victim's he persistent no led to an attack. >> he got and rain punched her in the face -- and punched her in the face and fractured her nose and orbital and bruised and swelled her face. >> reporter: according to police, he also sexually
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able to get the license plate number. police tracked down arresting gerardo portillo at himay not be his first time. >> reporter: and because of that police are urging women to might have had a similar encounter with a man in a gray honda civic to come forward. in the meantime, pour teeo is expected to be-- portillo is expected to be nicole jacobs wbz this morning. an escaped inmate due back in court accused of breaking out of a new hampshire prison and trying to carjack a woman at a gas station. wbz anna meiler has a closer look at what happened. >> he was running towards me so i immediately ran into the store for help. >> reporter: melissa desrameaux dashes into the convenience store and is shocked by what she sees coming toward her.
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over the guardrail and he was wearingshackels and a bright orange jump suit. >> reporter: she found him in her car rummaging for be-- through her belongings. >> look for keys yelling where are the keys. >> keys. >> reporter: she yelled at him to get out and to her surprise he listened and tried to call her -- calm her down. >> he kept telling me not to be afraid, there was nothing wrong. he was supposed to be work release. >> reporter: but she knew it was not true and police say 50- year-old kevin gatherhart escaped from the house of corrections across the street. >> i told him that he was in enough trouble and he should probably just go back. >> reporter: but he ran away from the gas station not long after police caught up with him in neighboring plaza where he was arrested and taken back to jail. >> crazy and i am glad it's a wons in a lifetime e-- once in a lifetime event.
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escape and attempted theft. anna meiler wbz this morning. >> thank you. more human remains found in everett new video shows crews taking new bags of evidence from the scene yesterday. police discovered the bones at the national grid property. they likely belonged to the same woman whose skull was found earlier this month. right now, investigators are trying to i k the woman and they are calling her death -- id the woman and they are calling the death suspicious. we are waiting back review on ought city run camps after a death of a 7-year-old at a south boston camp. they are trying to piece together how kyzr willis slepped away from the counselors and lifeguards. after the death the mayor ordered the reviewl -- shall review of all programs. and parents of children who go to the the camp are shaken up. >> it made me like want to reenforce with my child how important it is to stay with
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just basic safety concerns. >> the director of the program has been placed on paid leave while the investigation continues. we have an update on a e.coli outbreak linked to a ground beef plant in new hampshire. two people from massachusetts are among the 14 who got sick. officials say the source of the bad beef was linked to a processing plant in north haverhill. pt farm is recalling nearly 5,000 pounds of footed that may be contam -- food that contaminated. after-- new warning rather after west nile virus is detected in mosquitoes in arlington. the risk level for humans is raised in arlington belmont cambridge newton and watertown. officials urge everyone to stay indoors during peak hours and wear repellant. there has not been any human case so far in massachusetts. an now underway after 10 not native turtles were found dead in a quincy marsh.
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park. the read eared slider turtles are commonly kept as pets but can't be kept legally in massachusetts. officials warn releasing them can pose a risk to the water and our wildlife. it's 5:12. coming up, the crowd goes wild in foxboro -- foxborough. >> what jimmy garoppolo has tosay about being the center of attention. >> and a rough night for the sox and the play that cost them the game. >> it's been while since we have seen this mucee i am tracking areas of rain and i will let you know when we dry out and what the weekend holds when we come back. pamela was out and about and visited the pegous summer -- peg souse -- beg sus -- pegasus and the students in the the purple t-shirts have their own newscast and produce a weekly newscast for the hoe cool station.
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now this morning the 9th great white shark. season was tagged off the cape yesterday. the doctor working with the atlantic white conservancy. a return visitor a shark ided last year was tagged off the cape earlier this week. this is the shark named omar
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his tail. but that's how they know that's omar the shark. >> very cool. >> it's amazing to me. every week new sightings new taggingnew video. >> that time of year they are following the food. today's not a beach day though. >> no. be a we need the -- and we need the rain. >> we need the rain and any sort of wet weather is welcomed news with areas of moderate to severe drought. there is a flash flood watch up until 9 p.m. for southeastern massachusetts and rhode island. 1 to 2 locally higher amounts and some of the heaviest rain. a lot of us seeing area of light rain and a couple downpours embedded in here too. let's go down south of boston south of the city dorchester through hull and quincy and weymouth. you don't need the -- you will need the wipers on from sharon to norwood. there's so much moisture in the atmosphere today. when you get the downpours it's
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we have steady light rain from woreter. ster-- worcester to ware. from temple to peterboro and hillsboro and new boston. this extends from 93 all gradually moving to the north and east. you will notice it's warm. 77 in boston right now. many of us in the 70s and it's really humid. the dew points in the low a lot of moisture to work with today. and that's why we are seeing some of the rain and downpours develop. back to the west. we have got a clearing line coming in through central new york. so the back edge is likely to come in by the time we get into the afternoon and we will see the rain taper off to scattered showers. so between now and midday, the areas of the rain will continue for the cape and islands and it will be spotty showers elsewhere. notice the clouds try to break apart a bit as well. so peeks of sunshine here
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mainly north and west of boston. route two corridor and the rest of us drying out through the evening and staying on the muggy side. the storm is gone tomorrow. we start with some clouds and patchy fog gives way to some sunshine. notice tomorrow late in the day, mainly away from eastern massachusetts there may be a spotty shower or thunderstorm that develops and sunday, some scattered showers are likely. so a admittedly not the brightest or best weekend but not a washout by chance for showers will continue for the start of next week. high temperatures today then, 75 to 80. although where we get breaks of sunshine will likely push 80 plus through the interior. quite muggy and tonight dropping back into the 60s with variable clouds and patchy fog. highs tomorrow, come well into the 80s except for right at the coastline where we get a wind off the ocean and sea breeze is around 80 and 70s on the cape and islands and highs on sunday will be in the 70 -- 70s to low
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no 90s as well. we will be in the 70s to lower 80s through the start of next week. no drought busters but chances for showers through monday and tuesday and then wednesday and thursday we bump it up a little bit back into the mid-80s kathryn. >> thanks very much danielle. let's check the morning commute. might be dodging rain drops. keep the wipers on. here's a live way on the expressway by the gas tanks. things are moving well. we were looking at total traffic network and maps. it's all green on the sc so a good way to start your friday morning. >> wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at bmw >> patriots training camp underway. >> steve burton has a closer look in your morning sports. >> good morning. on wednesday bill belichick made it clear jimmy garoppolo
5:20 am
games whilebrady served his suspension and brady would be the man when game 5 came along. training camp opened up yesterday and brady and garoppolo split reps down the middle. jimmy g has seen limited action in the regular season and he was asked how much more comfortable he is entering his third year in the nfl. >> compared to last year and rookie compared to rookie it's not even close but it comes with experience. i mean three years in the same offense, same team things and things come more naturally to you i guess. >> we will see how day number 2 of training camp goes today. tom brady didn't meet with the media yesterday. that's sports for now. guys. over to you. >> all right sound good steve. it was a late night for the red sox. a road trip started in anaheim. sox lose this in the 9th. and they threw this one away. david price pitched like an ace 8 innings struck out 6 and didn't give up a run.
5:21 am
in the 9th, disaster. reliever loads the bases with one out. former sox outfielder hits a potential double play ball but ramirez air mailed it. two runs score sox lose a heart breaker on the error by ramirez. 2-1. and more bad news for the red sox. globe report reliever may be out for the rest of the season. so we will have to keep an on that. >> 5:21 is the time. dua -- cualing rallies -- dualing rallies in somerville. >> being a loot at argument on -- a look at the argument on both sides. >> we take you into boston harbor for a closer look at a deck it's old legend.
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give a loved one hope. welcome back. it's time for our summer of savings. that is pretty cool story this morning. >> a quick way to get away on the cheap. danielle niles has details this morning. good morning. >> good morning.
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there's 34 islands all across eastern massachusetts for the boston harbor island you can travel do boating and beaching camping and all different sorts of activities. there's even a ghost story. >> welcome to awed. >> reporter: a 45 minute ride from boston long wharf takes us to a trip back in time to the civil war era fort warren meant originally to protect boston harbor it took nearly 30 years to complete so it was instead turned in confederate soldiers now the fort is a place to get hands on with history. >> visitors can come out and walk into a room where a civil war soldier would have slept and that's you can't do that in a lot of places anywhere. >> reporter: the legend of one of its visitors a woman trying to rescue her imprisoned husband continues today with the story of the lady in black a ghost said to haunt the island. >> we do know that soldiers
5:26 am
recorded in their journals seeing a billowy figure walking along the ramp parts and they have seen footprints in the snow that have no start or en. >> reporter: it's not just for history buffs walk around the 32 acres even picnic with picture perfect views of the harbor and surrounding islands. a host of free activities for families thursdays kids get creative with arts and crafts and fridays play dates with music and saturdays, berkeley students hold concerts. the island and adult fore ticket is $17 and kids under 3 are free. and mark your calendars everyone can get a free ferry ride on august 25th to celebrate the national park services 100th birthday. and it's a great spot i remember going as a kid. doing some field trips out to george's island tonight from trash to treasure how a boston dump has been transformed into a must-see destination for more on all of the boston harbor
5:27 am
com and there's island descriptions and the ferry schedule there too. >> and the best views of boston it's so cool out there. >> a lot of great information on that. check it out. still to come, a safety warning for one south shore beach. >> plus we are following breaking news this morning. four people taken to the hospital after a crash in revere. the latest on the investigation. >> this is jon keller. what did we learn from our fort night of political rhetoric? i will run down a few of the convention le
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mosquitoes are out in mass. so take a few simple steps to protect yourself and your family from the illnesses they can cause. just like you put on sunscreen, make it a habit to use an epa-approved repellent any time you're outdoors, and always read and follow the directions. clothing can also protect your skin. the kind of mosquitoes that carry disease are most active from dusk to dawn, some mosquito bites can make you sick. if you start to feel ill, call your doctor.
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i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> right now at 5:30 hillary clinton closing out the dnc and accepting her party's nomination for president. a closer lo voters and donald trump's response. >> 4 people taken to the hospital after this crash in revere. the investigation underway right now to find out what caused it. >> plus, a banner battle in somerville. the dualing rallies over a banner at city hall. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. >> this is wbz this morning.
5:31 am
it's 5:30 i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon it's july 29th and we made it to the end of the week and in time we get showers rolling in. >> we do. it doesn't sound like it will be a huge rain event but we need this. >> we do. any rain is welcomed news at this point for the drought conditions here. chris and kathryn a lot of green on the radar showing up. it's been a while since we have seen that. it's light for the most part and you will pockets you will need wipers on and a couple downpours on the east side tubesbury crossing 93 into north -- tubesbury-- tewksbury crossing 93 into north 93. stretching up towards pelham and through other areas as well. deep reds pouring from hills bore yes and new boston -- hillsborough and these are lifting to the north and east
5:32 am
7-- barnstead. many of us are in the leer to middle 70s a muggy soupy start with areas of rain that will move through during the course of the morning. embedded downpours as well and it will taper off in intensity. by the time we get to midday and early afternoon. localized flooding maybe a threat. i am not overly concerned and this evening north and west of the boston a -- of boston a few lingering showers and a thunderstorms into the evening hours. you want the umbrella and rain wind light but it's soupy. downpours and showers upper 70s where we get breaks of sunshine and we will come into the lower 80s later today. chance of a thunderstorm north and west as we head into the ride home. traffic and weather together chris. >> all right thanks very much. speaking of the ride out there this morning, let's look live at the mass pike. you can see traffic is moving along very well. it is a lot of light volume on the highways so far this morning. we will keep on eye on it on this friday morning. >> chris thanks.
5:33 am
police officers shot in san diego california. no word on the officers' conditions but right now one suspect is in custody. police are still searching for others. a shelter in place advisory has been ordered for several communities. also breaking back at home four people taken to the hospital after a crash in revere. at least two vehicles collided on american legion highway last night. the victims all suffered serious injuries. police are trying to figure out what caused this crash. the dnc is hillary clinton taking to the stage last night to formally accept the party's nomination for president. during her speech she stressed her difference was donald trump saying she wants to unify the country not divide it. >> i will be a president for democrats republicans and independent for the struggling and striving and successful for all those who vote for me and for those who don't.
5:34 am
rival bernie sanders and vowed to fight for theish us ediscussed during his campaign. and jon keller looks at a closer look at what we learned from both events. >> reporter: good morning. so, what did we learn from the two weeks of political convention rhetoric we have endured or rather enjoyed. first and foremost we relearned recurring lesson these national party conventions ha the shark. there are only a handful of moments with real news value some of them on stage some not. which could easily be compressed into two nights instead of four. doing so could reduce the public cost of providing security for the things which runs into the millions of dollars. but for those with the patience to watch a good chunk of them he, these conventions did offer some useful information. we learned that within each party, there are a sizable
5:35 am
zero interest iny highing with the opposition -- interest in compromising with the opposition. they want clinton incarcerated too or in a handful of cases even worse. democrats had more success marginalizing their malcontents but there was number huckeling from the floor and protesting in the street to make you wonder, why even be part of a party when you want to do is tip but there was an at least somewhat positive lesson from the conventions, the testimonials from family members and people they helped suggest that the dark harsh picture each candidate adversaries paint is not the full picture but a nasty stereotype. hopefully that will encourage voters to look past the hype and look harder for truth as
5:36 am
your comments are welcomed via e-mail at or on twitter at keller at large. this morning a black lives matter banner still hangs at somerville city hall and a war of words rages on. police union members and the civil rights group held competing rallies last night. and the city's police union says it agrees with the sentiment on the banner but believes the tone of the black lives matter movement has changed. >> when peop's the black lives matter movement begin chanting what do we want get cops, when do we want them now. >> if we refuse to be engage in the conversation, then we will never be a unified and i and civil society. >> somerville's mayor ordered the sign to be hung last year and says it is not coming down. >> a warning for residents in hingham. kimbell beech was closed due to high bacteria counts it's being
5:37 am
the beach today. it's 5:36. still ahead, the cost of being a couch potato. >> and chipotle switches things up. the plan to get into the burger business. >> reporter: and an inmate escaped from a new hampshire jail and tries to carjack a woman. she tells us the shocking
5:38 am
5:39 am
mtv giving us a blast from the past. plus, the cost of being a couch potatoi didn't look at you for
5:40 am
and chipotle getting in the burger business. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. from burritos to burgers chipotle is opening the first burger restaurant in ohio this fall called hasty made and serve burger fries and milk shakes. they are trying to recover from e.coli and norovirus outbreaks. couch potatoes are costing the economy. a study from the university of sydney in physical inactivity cost the world 67.5 billion dollars in direct and indirect costs in 2013. factoring in things like obesity diabetes heart disease and early death. and mtv is tapping into viewers nostalgia beginning august 1, 35 years to the day they went on the air they will launch a 90s theme channel showing laguna beach and cribs and punked.
5:41 am
that was my favorite. >> i loved punk too chris liked to punk me by hiding in the studio an scaring me. >> chris i love that. that's funny. >> and he records it. >> i do record it. i have to put them on twitter at some point because they are funny. >> they are good. >> thanks jill. >> reporter: e-mail this me. >> we can do that too. thanks very much. have a great weekend. see you on monday. >> so bad. >> oh man. pom punked. who are on -- pke at the dnc. >> mitt romney weighing options. who he is thinking about endorsing for the race for the white house. >> reporter: also a violent assault in winthrop while police say the suspect had his three-year-old daughter in the car. i am nicole jacobs live with
5:42 am
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. it's 5:44. if you haven' drops which we haven't seen in a while. >> it's the moisture out there and it's foggy and soupy and i don't know how else to explain this just the air is thick. >> it is absolutely. we get a lot of moisture in the atmosphere today and there's rain that we are tracking out there this morning. so you want to pack the raincoat or umbrella today. the steadiest rain is this morning and early afternoon. light for the most part just sprinkles and light rain stretching from weymouth to
5:45 am
this is through boxford in the -- boxford and pouring in the deeper yellows and reds and that's where you get reduced visibles and -- visibility and ponding of water. areas of light to moderate rain from brookfield to pelham. heavy rain focused all the the way from -- all the way jaffrey and new boston right now pouring cats can and dogs. ware and concord and you will get a break in the action. south side will get into these as well. the back edge is back across pennsylvania. and new york as well. so we will get into the steadiest rain this morning for some of us and tapering off. 77 in boston. most of us in the 70s and dew points are in the upper 60s to low 70s. the air is tropical and soupy and this is the most humid in days even though we have had the 90s to are -- 90s for heat
5:46 am
it's a rough go from philly to baltimore this morning. the back edge bringing clearing happening as we head into late afternoon. so by midday, even downpours exiting the cape and islands. that's why i say it's the wettest for the first half of the day. and breaks of sun come out and there may be a spotty shower or thunderstorm north and west of boston for the late afternoon and evening. so unfortunately it locks like a lot of us may -- looks like a lot of us may see less than half inch of higher amounts but that's about it. any rain is welcomed news but we could use like a soaking rain for days to put a dent in some of the dark conditions we have across southern new england. the weekend here's the deal. sunshine and clouds tomorrow. there may be a spot shower. this is the map at 7 p.m. away from the coastline. there's moisture that is trying to come in. that means for sunday, we wake up to areas of rain and the the rest of the day will be mainly dry. so it's not a washout
5:47 am
temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s and that's where we will be today. very humid with area of rain tapering to showers and wind coming in off the ocean. if we get breaks of sunshine we will top out in the low 80s. tomorrow we will be warmer and middle to upper 80s inland right at the coast of that onshore breeze will be in the upper 70s to low 80s. a little cooler overall on sunday. and still a little muggy this weekend. 75 to 80 degrees for most of us. and then staying that way for the start of next week. a few ng monday and tuesday. and may want to have the the umbrella on stand by warming up to the mid-80s wednesday and thursday. >> thanks so much. let's check the friday morning commute. things are jammed right now on the southeast expressway as people make their way into the city. we are seeing delays especially northbound just past the split delays all the way up to columbia road. it's just stop and go there so the biggest trouble spot this morning. an alarming assault in winthrop and escaped inmate
5:48 am
>> a -- new hampshire. >> a historic night. here are your top stories. >> last night was hillary clinton's chance to show the democratic party and the country what the presidency would look like. she accepted the democratic nomination for president in philadelphia. her speech stressed the need to come together and discussed higher wages and income inequality. mitt romney has been a vocal critic of trump now he is new mexico governor johnson and bill wells. he told cnn that weld is a good friend and wants to get to know johnson better to see if he could vote for him. a man accused of an attempted rape and kidnapping is expected to be arraigned in east boston. surveillance video captured the vehicle driven by gerardo portillo he followed a woman in her 20s who was walking alone and he asked and demanded she
5:49 am
her persistence of nos angered the suspect and he attacked her and sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: an inmate escaped a new hampshire jail and tries to cooer jack a woman at this gas station. surveillance video shows melissa desrameaux do a double take before dashing into the convenience store for help you can see the inmate walking through the parking lot. she says when she came back outside he was inside her police say the inmate 50-year- old kevin gearhart escaped from the house of corrections nearby. but he was not on the loose for long and will be back in court this morning. we have more on the new charges he is facing coming up. live in manchester new hampshire anna meiler wbz this morning. one of the most wanted sex offenders has been arrested. 48-year-old mi gale villegas was picked up in new jersey on charges he failed to register.
5:50 am
in 2003 and will be returned to massachusetts to face carriages. pope francis is the third consecutive pope to visit the concentration camp as part of his tour of poland. the pope prayed for the more than 1 million people killed there and will meet with holocaust survivors. bill cosby is dropping a lawsuit against a woman accused -- accusing him of sexual lawsuitargues she violated a confidential settlement and named the woman's two lawyers and the pb lisher of the national enquirer. he is awaiting trial over alleged assaults from 200 # he claims the encounter was consensual and prosecutors say the woman was drugged and assaulted. cosby paid her an undisclosed amount of money two years later. new hampshire high schoolteacher in prison for life after the teenage lover killed her husband has filed a lawsuit claiming she was
5:51 am
confinement. -- solitary confinement. she i was she was put in conphenement when they found a knife and says it was in compliance and she had it for 18 years. the head of american airlines pilot union says the airline is ignoring safety. by manipulating flight plans to look better on paper. the union claims the airline is trying to have pilots fly faster. and push the limit of their legal it comes after the latest government figures showed american airlines trailed the competitors in on time arrivals. an american spokesman says the airline takes safety and regulations seriously. meanwhile jetblue will begin commercial flights to cuba nonstop service between fort lauderdale and cuba begins august 31 with fares beginning at 99 bucks one way. jetblue will operate three flights a week and go to daily service that starts on october
5:52 am
jetblue on patriot game days you will be treated like royalty. >> the airlines announce those wearing pats injuriesies gets priority boarding. another reason to show pats pride. >> pats perk. despite yesterday's heat fans jammed the field for the start of training camp. thousands raced to get a close up view of brady and speechless. >> it's so awesome. too amazing. >> [audio not understandable] >> yeah this is awesome. >> so many people having a good time out there yesterday. after practice the mum of the pats signed autographs for fans and patriots are back on the field at 9:15 but if there are thunderstorms practice will be indoors and it will be closed to the public. >> pats nation dedicated to the
5:53 am
didn't know what to say. still frid so we are celebrating by hitting the rewind button. >> we will look at the biggest
5:54 am
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welcome back from heat wave at home to a new use for the charles river. >> and the start of train camp for the pats and highlights from the dnc. here's a look back at the week that was.
5:56 am
>> hillary clinton -- day one at the dnc. >> hillary clinton must become the next president. >> historical moment. >> this time hillary. >> hillary clinton will have her turn to speak a voters investigating the death of a young boy at a city run summer camp. completely heart broken for the family. >> deadly crash on 495. >> one man and one woman were killed in the tragic accident. >> training camp starts this morning. >> and the team is ready to start the season without tom jimmy ready for the start of the season. >> this is day 8 of the heat wave. >> it will hit the beach if you can today. >> jump in the water. >> suitcase from crumblier sea through -- see through. >> that's suitcase looks like me when i pack throw it in and hope for the best. >> 6 massachusetts brewers are competing to make the best beer from the charles river. >> can't beat them join them. >> yeah.
5:57 am
>> apparently so. >> keep it here this morning your top stories are straight
5:58 am
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i expect your nominationer for president of the united states. >> right now at 6, history at the dnc. hillary clinton becomes the first woman to accept a major party nomination. her message for voters and donald trump. >> surveillance video only on wbz. the police shows a man stalking a woman in winthrop and you won't believe what happens shackels and escaped tried to steal two cars. the surprising encounter with one woman. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good morning 6:00 right now on fryer morning. happy friday i am cathin hauser i am chris mckinnon happy friday to you and all of you at


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